China will overtake France as the world’s number one tourist destination by 2030, a new report from global research company Euromonitor International predicts. As well as receiving more visitors than any other country in the world, it will also have the largest number of outbound travellers, overtaking the US and Germany, with 260 million outbound tourist trips by 2030. The increase in visitors to China is mainly due to economic growth and higher incomes in nearby Asian countries. Access to the country is also improving for Asian visitors, who are able to obtain visas more easily than before. Currently, 80% of tourists visiting Asia come from within the continent, Geerts said. Domestic travel remains important in China, with 4.7bn trips taken in 2018, a figure forecast to rise by 42.5% to 6.7bn by 2023. The report also found that domestic trips in Asia overall are predicted to grow by 10% in 2018. Get the full story at The Guardian