Figures released by the China's National Bureau of Statistics in 2013 show that the number of Chinese age 60 or older was 202 million. By 2050, that number will nearly double to about 400 million. The older generation's enthusiasm for travel is growing rapidly. According to Ctrip, a leading online travel agency, 87 per cent of those age 50 and older said they definitely plan to travel, and 13 per cent said they would "probably" travel. However, 29 per cent of those age 25 years and younger, and 17 per cent of people in the 26 to 30 age bracket, said they had no travel plans. A survey conducted in November by the Gerontological Society of Shanghai and East China University of Science and Technology found that many customers were dissatisfied with the services and products provided by travel agencies. About 30 per cent of the 2,341 seniors interviewed both online and offline complained that "they felt they had been treated without proper respect while traveling". Get the full story at asiaone