Woqu.com started in April 2014, by former Mangocity.com president Evan Huang. Even before this round of financing, Woqu.com had already received several million US$ in seed capital from Morningside Venture Capital in less than a year after establishment. Woqu.com offers thousands of DIY travel and semi-independent travel products for USA including: hotels, car rental, airport transfer, local tours and activities, visa, insurance, SIM card etc. The key to Woqu.com’s competitiveness is their underlying structure of direct supplier relationship, which removes exploitive middlemen, and the efficiency of their data system transactions. . Evan Huang explained Woqu’s strategy of stepping into US travel market, “The customer base is vast and there is plenty of room for growth”. Firstly, 1.4 million Chinese traveled to the US in 2012, while this number will be increasing to 2 million in 2014. By focusing on the niche services such as US DIY travel, startups like Woqu.com can avoid competition with other industry giants. Secondly, the US offers a variety of travel options and packages and a chance for startups to explore different models which can then be introduced to other regional markets. Woqu.com on one hand faces the challenge of industry giants. For example Ctrip has teamed up with Priceline and has made an investment in Tuniu.com, China’s leading player in online tour packaging. On the other hand under the “Tencent System” LY.com has become a strong industry player. Get the full story at TravelDaily China