Seventy-nine percent of Chinese respondents said they have at least one ‘professional’ mobile device (compared with a global average of 60%), and during a week-long holiday, 14% of Chinese respondents said they spend 1-2 days on their professional devices. By contrast, only 5% of Australians allowed work to encroach on their leisure time so much. Most global respondents said they believe it is acceptable to handle private activities during work hours, because they also work when they are at home. But there are differences in the types of personal behaviour that different nationalities think acceptable. For example 60% of Chinese respondents admitted to going onto dating sites at work, compared to only 6% of French respondents. Americans were found to be the most likely to spend work time shopping online, with 68% saying this was a regular activity, while 85% of Chinese research and book their holidays at work. On average, 30% of the survey sample spends at least 30 minutes a day handling private issues during working hours. Get the full story at Travel Daily