Several reports are pointing to a different Chinese traveler profile from what most people perceive them to be. According to, Chinese travellers are, increasingly, young professionals with high incomes; shoppers but also sightseers; moving toward an experienced-based choice model from a price-based choice model; demanding higher-quality services; and moving from traditional group tours to individual experiences. A recent report by ITB Berlin and IPK International analysing China’s outbound travel behaviour identified the Chinese preferences for hotels. Unlike the generally held notion that they would prefer staying at lower-end hotels, data collected from 2015 showed more than 80 percent of Chinese travellers chose to stay in four- to five-star hotels.’s fifth edition of the Chinese International Travel Monitor confirms that the “behaviour of the Chinese travelers has changed greatly since the survey was first published five years ago.” Because the survey revealed five Chinese traveller personas, it cautions tourism suppliers and marketers against a one-size-fits-all approach. Get the full story at Duetto