The Rockville, Maryland-based parent company of such brands as Ascend Hotel Collection, Comfort Inn, Cambria hotels & suites, and Econo Lodge, isn’t afraid to step into the direct booking wars. That was made explicitly clear by remarks made by CEO Stephen P. Joyce and CFO David White during a first quarter earnings call on May 4. CFO White said “more traditional channels” are driving the company’s gains in earnings per share, and said that although “OTAs continued to grow as part of our business,” the company is “not happy with the price points that they want.” White said, “You’re going to continue to see us try to drive business to our channels simply because they’re dramatically more profitable than an OTA trying to suck 15% to 20% out of the deal. And so we’re not anti-OTA, but we are not at all happy with some of their practices and we’ve never been happy with their pricing. We think it’s overrated for what they provide. And so as we look at this going forward, one of our sole missions is to try to limit the amount of activity going from the OTAs and coming from into our primary channels. And if you look around the industry, everybody else is doing the same thing.” Get the full story at Skift