Having Choice’s property management system housed in the cloud means owners and managers can access a property’s performance data from anywhere at any time. The next phase of that operating system is a Web-based revenue management tool, launched this week at the conference that helps franchisees who can’t afford to hire a revenue manager set optimal rates and inventory. The cloud-based rate management tool, called Rate Center, sends alerts to GMs when their hotels aren’t optimizing their pricing strategy. For example, if the hotel has a high occupancy but hasn’t adjusted its rate upward, the GM will get an alert suggesting he or she raise rates. On the mobile front, Choice set the stage when it was the first hotel brand to roll out a smartphone app. Joyce said Choice’s smartphone app had 1 million downloads before the next hotel brand unveiled a similar app. Mobile booking business was up 200% in 2012 and now represents 13% of Choice’s total online revenue, Pacious said. Three years ago, mobile revenue was only about 1% of the total business. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow.com