A great example that we're all familiar with is Microsoft Office. The combination of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Exchange improves personal productivity for billions of people. Hotel technology companies have stacks too. PMS companies and CRS companies frequently build stacks or suites of applications as packages. They are practical for hotels because they offer an all-in-one solution for all your technology needs... until they don't. Because of the diversity of all these apps many companies don't have the resources to keep each one cutting edge. So a hotel might end up with a good PMS that has a mediocre analytics solution and an in-development guest relationship solution. A hotelier mentioned to me the other day how they are very intimidated by installing a PMS software. What if they find a better solution just a week or even a month later? They're doomed to 4-8 years of using the same old PMS because they can't integrate with newer (or complimentary) software. Here's where having an open stack can make all the difference. Get the full story at SnapShot