As OTA and Airbnb disruption continues to challenge traditional hotel business and push down both ADR and margins, the direct channel provides an opportunity for hotels to take control and deliver on their brand promise. Responding to these market trends, Cloud5 has launched a new contact center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, capable of delivering conversion rates six-plus percentage points higher than industry average with increased caller satisfaction, all based on Cloud5’s proprietary process and force of highly-trained multilingual/bicultural agents. Large brands and boutique chains alike have chased call center wage arbitrage around the world and learned that the direct sales value proposition must be based far more on process and talent management rather than low cost wages. Cloud5 has seen many clients and brands who have experimented with non-hospitality “low-cost” alternatives, and experienced the disappointment of lower conversion and caller satisfaction, and ultimately, reduced hotel revenue. “We are opening this new site based on demand from our clients who have realized that when it comes to value-add services that impact client happiness and your own hotel revenue, you truly get what you pay for,” commented Robert Post, CEO of Cloud5. “In this current political environment, Puerto Rico – as a U.S. territory – makes total economic and performance sense for hotel businesses. The ability to dynamically manage skilled staffing to demand, together with Cloud5’s proprietary process, is an ideal solution for hotels that want to drive direct channel revenue.” Get the full story at Cloud5