Selecting the right OTA channels, based on clear decision criteria, can reduce much time and efforts for the first complete property set-up. The proposed qualification process should consider the OTA’s business model (and reputation), distribution costs (e.g., retail versus merchant), reach (including new and emerging markets), target groups, (CRS/PMS/channel manager) connectivity, and the operational effectiveness of content updates. By using this qualification scheme, non-productive OTAs can be avoided. Below are some insights, highlighting the challenges of content management via an OTA’s extranet: - One size fits all: OTA extranets are highly standardized. Content set-up is partly conducted via inflexible tick boxes. Therefore, hoteliers still have limited capabilities for showing individual content. - Automatically generated property descriptions, based on the selected/ticked amenities and facilities, can be misleading in the worst case. This process varies between OTAs. In some cases, hotels can change property descriptions via the extranet. In other cases, hotels must communicate changes via email. Get the full story at H2C