When they first came on the scene not so very long ago, Expedia and other major online travel agencies were considered a direct and formidable threat to the survival of traditional travel agents. Since then the business relationship between OTAs and travel agents has evolved, casting it in shades of gray rather than stark black and white. In the U.S. 1,840 agents have enrolled in TAAP during its first year of operation here, and there is no indication that interest in the program is slowing. Diego Pedrani, Expedia’s global director of travel agent distribution, told Travel Market Report the OTA signs up 100 to 200 new agent affiliates in the U.S. every week. Overseas numbers are even stronger. Expedia first launched TAAP in Italy nine years ago. It has since expanded the program throughout Europe and into Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to include a total of 15,200 agent affiliates in those regions to date, Pedrani said. Expansion efforts in international markets continue apace. Get the full story at Travel Market Report