Findings will be presented by TravelClick experts John Hach, Senior Industry Analyst, and Alexis Welner, Senior Director of Global Enterprise Business Intelligence. Alexis and John will present the latest emerging trends and best practices for hoteliers to create and sustain localized competitive advantage. The webinars will be moderated by Barbara Taylor Carpender, President and CEO at Taylored Alliances. Mobile and social channels continue to gain momentum for hoteliers to attract, engage and convert guests for increased market share. However, these channels are maturing at a rapid rate and now require additional emphasis and best practices to ensure competitive advantage, especially as alternative lodging accommodations become increasingly popular among consumers. How do hoteliers prepare for an increasingly competitive future? Which channels offer the greatest return? What new best practices should hoteliers focus on in 2016 and beyond? This webinar will highlight these and other key areas of opportunity for hoteliers to create and sustain localized competitive advantage in 2016 and beyond. Webinar content is based on TravelClick’s proprietary Agency360® solution, the only comprehensive database of agency bookings on the market, eMonitor market performance reports and Demand360® forward-looking hotel booking data. For more information and registration go to TravelClick