The move - which comes with the rollout of 23 Stories by Conde Nast, a new department charged with creating content for brands - is a sea change at Conde Nast. It has so far kept editors at arm's length from advertising content even as competitors like Hearst and Refinery29 have put editorial to work for brands. Last year, the company's former editorial director, Tom Wallace, drafted an internal document - which one editor called a Magna Carta" - about the company's approach to native ads. The document said neither editors nor magazine's logos can appear in native ads. It did not specifically prohibit editors from working in some capacity with advertisers. (Mr. Wallace left the company over the summer.) "We have the full support of our editorial teams, from Anna on down," said Edward Menicheschi, CMO-president of the Conde Nast Media Group, referring to Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. Get the full story at AdvertisingAge