The 42-minute podcast, “Why you should be using a travel specialist,” was broadcast Friday, Feb. 17. It covered when and why consumers should use travel specialists, and “all things specialized travel.” Featured guests were Laura Redmond, deputy digital director, Paul Brady, senior editor, and Mark Elwood, a contributing editor. Agents should reframe themselves as “travel specialists” to more clearly define their expertise and enhanced value, the panel agreed. Brady said being a travel agent, or specialist today, is less about booking an airline fllight and “more about, ‘Can you get me in touch with the best people of the street food market in Mexico City?' " “The secret's in the word 'special,' someone who has in-depth knowledge of a city, region or style of travel and can offer guidance. Maybe it's a cruise guru, or a Caribbean know-it-all; it could also be an expert in navigating the ever-changing rules of Cuba travel. Online flight tools like Kayak and Cheapflights have changed an agent's role drastically, but there's still demand for trip planners - the living, breathing kind - to help you find the best hotel for your honeymoon, the right safari for the family, or, simply, a great place to go on vacation when time and inspiration are lacking.” Get the full story at Travel Market Report and Condé Nast Traveler