Instead of a standard river of articles, or a menu for navigating to different sections and travel destinations, there’s just a declaration in large text: “To all the rulebenders, wanderlusters, and amrchair travelers.” Scroll down a bit and you’ll start seeing links to some of the most noteworthy content, including a list of the best hotels in the world, and several different city guides, but it’s spaced out much more luxuriously than a normal front page, and with cheekier headlines: “Don’t worry, it’s a grid” (New York City), “Look right, not left” (London) and so on. Of course, many readers won’t visit the front page at all. Instead, they’ll end up visiting individual guides and pages via search, social media or newsletter. Still, editor in chief Pilar Guzmán said that the front page is “an opportunity for us to very clearly say who we are.” Get the full story at TechCrunch