Guests who stay at any Conrad location can use their mobile devices to download the ICE app and check-in even before they arrive at the property or check-out from their guestroom. Along with check-in, they can send pre-arrival requests directly to the hotel. Extra pillows? A room with a specific view? Dinner waiting in the room on the first night? All preferences can be noted in-app. A user’s smartphone can also translate into a guestroom keycard, allowing patrons to further minimize the time necessary to stop at the front desk before heading to their room. And new location-based technology allows notifications to be sent to front desk staff alerting them that guests who have downloaded the app are approaching the hotel. Staff can use the information to prepare for their arrival and ensure their room is ready. Conrad can also push special offers and messaging to guests based on whether they are located near to or at the property. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer