It's time to get organized. Sure, being neat will make you feel better. But organization has important career implications. First and foremost: productivity. Being in control of your office space saves time.

"There are uncountable hours lost each year in the workplace because of disorganization," says Julie Mahan, owner of Indianapolis-based Simply Organizing, which offers workshops and one-on-one counseling for organizing offices. "But people mix up cleaning with organizing. Being clean is a visual thing, but being organized is being able to find things when you need them."

Mahan teaches her own detailed system of organization for offices, which involves a critical question: What to do with all that stuff that lands on your desk.

"Handling those incoming items is a big issue. We get buried under it," says Mahan. "The physics of clutter is that it will come into your office without your assistance but will not go away without your assistance."

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