There are a few “old school” strategies that are still frequently practiced today. These aren’t mandatory, but can be an excellent starting point for most properties: 1. Independent Properties:Total marketing budget is typically 10-12% of total annual revenue. So $20,000,000 of revenue calls for a $2,000,000 marketing budget (including labor). 2. Branded Properties: Total marketing budget, aside from your corporate marketing support and spend, is often 2-3% of total annual revenue. This way, you’re supplementing corporate efforts with your own localized efforts, in order to outperform your comp set. 3. Both Property Types: The percentage of total marketing budget devoted to digital channels should trend toward the percentage of total annual revenue earned from digital channels. To capture more than you fair share of revenue, spend a bit more! 4. Both Property Types: Group business is undoubtedly an important part of your revenue mix and should be considered when developing your digital marketing budget. It is difficult to recommend a percentage or spend, as properties’ revenue mixes vary greatly. But consider groups as some of your most sophisticated digital buyers. Get the full story at the Vizergy blog