JupiterResearch has found that consumer-created content is having an increasing affect on online businesses. JupiterResearch recently published four reports addressing this pervasive consumer behavior, its often-disruptive impact on the consumer's online purchasing process and how this wave of consumer feedback will impact the future of all online businesses.

"The power of the consumer's voice has never been stronger," said David Daniels, Vice President and Research Director at JupiterResearch. "It is impacting consumer behavior and how companies operate. Smart marketers are not just reviewing consumer-created content, they are studying it and using it to develop strategies to grow their business."

JupiterResearch views consumer-created content as user-generated feedback disseminated via blogs, reviews, user groups and forums and is posted in such a public way that it can be viewed and influenced by other consumers. Recently published consumer-created content research includes:

- "Retail Marketing: Driving Sales Through Consumer-Created Content," by Patti Freeman Evans, which found that 77 percent of online shoppers use consumer generated product reviews/ratings and those who find them useful are more loyal to stores with reviews/ratings featured.

- "Travel Consumer-Created Content" by Diane Clarkson discusses the growing influence of online reviews and recommendations and provides to travel websites on how they can employ them to enhance their relevancy.

- "Online Support Forums," by Zachary McGeary, which reveals that consumers who post feedback on forums, positive or negative, spend 22 percent more online than do consumers who have not posted on forums.

- "Managing Word of Mouth Online, Leveraging Internal Resources," by Emily Riley, which reveals that more than 90 percent of large companies believe that consumer recommendations are important in influencing other consumers' purchase decisions.

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