In Finland, internet users turn to numerous sources before deciding on a travel destination, according to The Finnish Fair Corp.’s December 2012 survey conducted by TNS Gallup Finland. Of those surveyed, 61% looked to travel agency or hotel websites to plan travel, by far the most common resource used by respondents. Forty-four percent also reported using price comparison and booking services. Indeed, the ability to compare is what draws consumers in Finland to the web for travel research. More than half of respondents to The Finnish Fair survey said they specifically looked to the internet and social media in order to research without the obligation to buy. Comparing prices, destinations and hotels were also top uses of the internet or social media for travel. The report also found that of all the purchases those consumers made, accommodations and travel services were the top two categories—nearly two in five online buyers made travel accommodation purchases online in 2012, and about the same percentage purchased other travel services. Get the full story at eMarketer