It’s generally accepted that traditional media have been replaced by digital media as the preferred means of communication and interaction. The digital marketing mix is more effective, more immediate, more personal and more transparent. That’s understood. It is however no less challenging for example as Google continues its seemingly relentless march as the No. 1 search engine globally and (the bigger) OTAs continue to dictate the distribution rules of engagement. As individual hoteliers, even as whole industries, we can’t control the macro-environment so we’re best advised putting effort into controlling those parts of our business that we can impact on. In short, the secret is to be the best that you can be. Whether it’s how you brand your property, the quality of the customer experience, how robust your distribution strategy is. These are all legitimate, achievable ways by which to impact on the future of your business into 2015 and beyond. There are however other mitigating factors to deal with. The upsurge in mobility and social media alone is re-defining how consumers interact with businesses and their products and services. And hotels are no exception as increasingly consumers shape the hospitality experience and not the other way round. Get the full story at Hotel Industry Magazine