Search engine penalties are present and pervasive, and are a primary method used by search engines to control webmasters. Unless webmasters understand what they are and what to do about them, their websites could easily trigger a penalty, losing traffic and revenue.

Do you remember the old days of brick and mortar stores? Imagine the amount of work required to set up a store—locating a space, fixing it up and arranging the location, purchasing inventory, promoting the store, waiting for customers to walk in.

For e-tailers, this seems an antiquated method and one that has been surpassed by the ability to engage in global businesses through the internet. However, the search engines are trying to rein-in e-tailers and align our way of doing business closer with the brick and mortar approach.

To do this, search engines wait a few months before giving new websites visibility and good ranking in search results, which translates into profits for a web site. They want online merchants to only have a few stores that we can dedicate time and attention to. If we have too many stores and don't pay enough attention to each, all of them could flop.

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