The survey revealed that, when buyers were asked about policy compliance, 44 per cent of travel managers did not give travellers freedom to book their own travel this year, compared to 39 per cent in 2014. Despite the clampdown, 86 per cent continue to go rogue, 10 per cent of these on a regular basis. This is a small increase on last year’s figure of 85 per cent. The survey also shows a marked difference in the compliance behaviour between SMEs and corporates. Buyers with budgets under £1 million are almost twice as likely to give buyers freedom book independently than those with more than £1m to spend: 71 per cent compared to 40 per cent. In 2014, these figures were 56 and 62, respectively, implying a tightening up of processes among corporates but a more laissez faire approach from SMEs. Get the full story at Travel Daily Media