1. Although 2017 U.S. lodging industry occupancy will be high relative to long term averages, it is forecast to be lower than it was in 2016, which will have been lower than occupancy in 2015. 2. The negotiations for corporate rate increases in 2016 were at a time when there was an expectation for larger rate increases than actually occurred; many corporate travel managers and convention planners believe they have been overpaying in 2016 and will seek to recover some of that "overpayment" in 2017. 3. Some corporate travel managers and convention planners have been surprised at the published "member rates" and non-refundable rates published on brand websites because they can be lower than the corporate, contract or convention rates that were expected to be lower than rates available to the public. These published rates are part of major and long-term initiatives to respond to the power of and commissions earned by on-line travel agents (OTAs). 4. Airbnb, which has not generally been embraced by corporate travel managers and convention planners, has been "endorsed" through business relationships with American Express Business Travel, BCD Travel, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Also, Airbnb has announced and promoted its Airbnb for Business and Business Travel Ready programs, and Chip Connelly, Airbnb's head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, has made public comments about Airbnb's focus on group and convention demand. Get the full story at NYU School of Professional Studies