However nimble a corporate travel program might be, changes to its culture inevitably occur more slowly than did the rapid, massive embrace by business travelers of mobile technology. With smartphones ubiquitous and tablets rapidly gaining in popularity, corporations have had no choice but to at least consider the impact of mobile services on their travel programs, but no consensus has been reached on the proper role of mobile technology. Today's travel buyers must grapple with issues like whether their corporation should allow business travel bookings on personal devices, whether it should offer or recommend to its travelers specific apps and the most suitable role regarding mobile technology for travel management companies or other intermediaries. Opinions vary. Those current corporate strategies didn't get a warm reception from survey respondents. When asked to rate on an ascending scale of one to six their satisfaction with their companies' mobile travel technology management strategies, 6 percent of respondents chose a six—the highest level of satisfaction. About 29 percent chose one or two, and the average was 3.3. Get the full story at Business Travel News