Corporate’s focus on safe and smooth travel for their executives, increasing demand from corporate travellers and consistent change in travel technology amongst others has further pushed this segment to become more evolved. “The corporate travel segment has shifted from generic to more individualistic approach in dealing with the traveller. The corporate have recognised the importance of their human resource talent pool and are trying to extend maximum support to them. The rise of terror activities and natural calamities globally has also given rise to issues surrounding duty of care for business travel. The need to find technology solutions to track employees on business trips has become a top priority for organisations around the world. We are seeing that the acceptance of travel technology solution for business travel has significantly increased. Players are focusing on making the business travel platform robust, simple, transparent and operationally efficient,” says Jyothi Varma, Regional Manager – SE Asia, Association of Corporate Travel Executive (ACTE). According to her, all components of this segment be it suppliers or buyers are geared up. Airlines, hotels, OTAs, Travel Management Companies (TMCs), visa and forex service providers, car rentals, calling cards have started fine tuning their products, offering new products and services to suit to the business travellers. “Airlines have started offering services targeting business travellers for a small fee. Hotels are revisiting their corporate programme regularly. Others are also coming up with enhanced service facilities to make the process simple and travel safe and pleasant,” she adds. Get the full story at Travel Trends Today