BTN lodging editor Julie Sickel spoke to Airbnb for Work global head David Holyoke about the brand's development. BTN: Last we spoke, you were seeing more acceptance of Airbnb among the corporate travel community. Holyoke: We've had good growth momentum [during the past year]. We've really been bullish with how that's continued into this year. Our ability to bring in companies of all sizes continues to grow at a very fast clip for us. Where we're seeing the sharing economy in general within travel programs is a recognition by travel managers that this is happening, it is occurring. It's not a matter of "Should we do this?" It's that it is and "Let's talk through how to work together around the right use cases." Many times when we're bringing companies on, they're not surprised anymore by the number of employees within their organization that are using Airbnb, that have been expensing it, and they want to start talking about where it makes the most sense in their program. Get the full story at BTN