If there is one thing you can say about Airbnb, it’s that it has moxie. In announcing it is courting hotels to list on its site, the platform that started as a home-sharing site is not only pivoting, it’s adding a new enemy to the hotel industry: online travel agencies. That’s quite a feat. Far too long the duopoly of Expedia and Booking.com has had relative ownership of the intermediary space - because there was no one with critical mass to challenge it. That’s changing. Estimations are that Airbnb garnered around 100 million bookings in 2017, and it has a verified a total of 300 million guest arrivals all-time. That means the site has eyeballs; people are using it to book travel. Now that Airbnb has reached the prodigious volume it has, it can now really rev its engine. That’s what it is doing by opening up to hotels and not just homes. It’s like having a Ferrari and now kicking it into fifth gear. Get the full story at Hotel Management