For Tien Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer at Wego, travel is something of a second nature. In the last eight years, the company has risen to become the number one travel metasearch in the Middle East, and Nguyen’s own journey since starting as a Senior Software Engineer in 2010 is one that he enjoys reflecting upon. The Middle East travel industry is a furiously busy one, with travelers constantly looking for the best destinations as well as the most competitive prices when booking their travels. From popular destinations such as the UK, Maldives, and Mauritius, to more eccentric destinations such as Azerbaijan and Georgia, the race is on to stay on top of the market while offering the best prices and destinations for travelers. TechRadar chatted with Nguyen to find out more about how Wego is staying relevant to the industry, and what new tech challenges the company is gearing up for. Get the full story at TechRadar