You need to be catering to the hundreds, perhaps thousands of potential guests that visit your site every day - and that means taking your carefully-crafted hospitality online. A hotel stay is an inherently intimate experience, yet the process of booking one is anything but. For something supposedly based on comfort, there's something decidedly discomfiting about the way hotel rooms are sold. You wouldn't bark panic-inducing statements like 'ONLY ONE LEFT!' or '103 OTHER PEOPLE LOOKING RIGHT NOW!' at someone in a clothing or grocery store - so why on earth should you do it on your website? So, maybe it's time to get personal. Your website is the first proper opportunity your guest has to engage with you, so it should be as welcoming as the finest doorman. There are three key things that you need to check before you can truly claim your website to be fully guest-friendly. Get the full story at Triptease