Not long ago, the only data that resorts collected were guest’s names and emails. Today, the hospitality industry is much more interested in big data and its impact on the guest experience. Most hotels and resorts have begun collecting unstructured data from both traditional and electronic sources. But creating and managing a single view of the guest requires more data, and a shift in focus. Hotels are on the brink of having more information about guests than ever before. However, using that data in a meaningful way remains a challenge, due in part to the volume of data provided, collected, managed, and analyzed. To get the most value, it’s important to structure it in the right way. This is where modern analytics solutions allow hotels and resorts to harness their collected intelligence and turn it into actionable insights. These data analytics can be used in numerous ways - one of the most compelling uses is offering relevant guest incentives for room upgrades, dining, or gift shop discounts based on the guest’s historical purchasing preferences. With time-sensitive, personalized offers, hoteliers effectively target travelers in ways that are proven to grow guest satisfaction and drive revenue. Get the full story at Lodging