One of the things I love most about what I do is the creative aspect of my work. That is, the creativity that comes into play when working with clients. Whether we are creating new processes, powerful questions to better qualify and enroll your prospects, new templates, new ways of doing things, collaborating on ideas, co-creating new solutions and innovations to develop and maintain their competitive edge, the creativity in the coaching process is a non-negotiable essential component that drives the value each client receives during every coaching session.

The same holds true when selling. After all, selling is the art of creating new possibilities. The creation of new possibilities; possibilities and solutions that weren?t there before or ones that your clients couldn?t see. That?s what it's all about, especially when you are working with your clients and prospects.

It is in that same vein as to why I'm saddened by the lack of understanding in some company cultures as to how critical creativity is in their selling process and the role it plays in achieving their year end sales goals as well as the role creativity plays in fostering and developing a positive, flourishing culture; a culture that's also enjoyable and keeps employees driven, motivated and happy over the long term.

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