While many hotel companies tout Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the way to increase customer loyalty, the ability to deliver highly personalized services still seems to be elusive.

Sure, hotels are getting better at remembering what type of pillow a guest may like or if they only want a king sized bed, but when it comes to collecting wildly disparate bits of data and knowing what to do with it is mostly uncharted territory.

Though the panacea of CRM has been touted for years, only now does technology offer the initial chance it will become reality. It’s good timing too.

Today’s hotel guest is typically well versed in traveling and has stayed at many more hotels than those guests of a generation ago. Throw in the expectation of luxury in all facets of life - think Starbucks - as well as the impact of decades of amenity creep, hotel consumers have ratcheted up what they believe is the basic service standard of hotels.

Now hotels must successfully wrangle technology to deliver the right information at the right time and also back it up with training that imbeds the mantra of exceeding guest expectations. But be warned, today’s more emboldened guests aren’t interested in getting something for free. True loyalty is being built by hotel brands striking up relationships that bring a sense of value to the consumer.

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