Hoteliers need to take cultural differences into account when they compare guest satisfaction levels for hotel guests in various countries. This study by J.D. Power finds that those differences can be remarkable. For example, the length of time that guests from different countries will wait to check in before they become unsatisfied varies greatly—from as little as five minutes to as long as half an hour. The study provides recommendations on how to account for these differences in international satisfaction scores so that hoteliers can more effectively use their benchmarking results. Based on two years of data for nearly 200,000 guests from eight nations, the study found: - While price and location remain uppermost as decision factors, residents of some countries give considerable weight to specific services; - People in different countries do consider different factors in their determination of satisfaction; - The effect of certain procedures on guests’ satisfaction differs by country; and - Residents of some countries generally express lower levels of satisfaction than those in other countries. Get the full report at Cornell University (free registration)