Chinese online travel service provider has released a survey report regarding travel trends during the upcoming National Day holiday.

The survey shows that users' intentions to travel during the coming holiday has declined. Of the 4000 of its members polled, 59.5%, in comparison to the previous year's 75.1%, say that they will definitely go traveling. 9.3% (5.8% last year) say that they will not travel during the holiday.

For domestic travel, such hot spots like Lijiang, Jiuzhaigou and Sanya are still favored by tourists, with Jiuzhaigou ranking highest (23.3%), followed by Sanya (16.4%) and Lijiang (15.6%).

According to the survey, of all those who plan travel during the holiday, 78.2% choose domestic travel, in which 43.1% say they will have a long-distance domestic travel, and 73.4% members will travel without a tour group.

Outbound travel figures appear calm and only about 21.8% of the members says they will travel out of China.