Take the case of Ctrip.com. The leading OTA, which had only 20-odd employees as part of its international hotel contracting team located outside China around the same time last year, has now expanded to seven offices in six countries in Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. “Today we have 50 overseas employees as part of our hotel contracting division. We have two offices in Thailand – Phuket and Bangkok. We had opened an office in Bali earlier this year. For other markets, we have staff in our corporate headquarters. The approach is to evaluate top outbound markets, and Asia definitely stands out as far as Chinese travellers are concerned,” shared Ctrip’s John Zhong. The OTA has also been looking at efficient management of hotels’ inventory. Ctrip, which has been working with 16 channel managers to access the inventory of overseas and Chinese hotels, recently completed XML integration with eRevMax. This move is part of Ctrip’s stronger revenue generation plans for South East Asia, the US, and Latin America. From hotel’s perspective, such two-way integration paves way for better control and also curtails time spent on managing rates and inventories. Get the full story at China Travel News