To discuss’s growing ambitions, Wall Street Journal senior editor Yun-Hee Kim spoke with the company’s chief executive, Jane Jie Sun. Here are edited excerpts of the discussion. MS. KIM: has pretty much consolidated China’s online travel market. Do you see further room for consolidation in the global market? MS. SUN: We are the No. 1 player in the China market. There is lots of room for us to further penetrate into the second-tier and third-tier cities. In the global space, though, Ctrip is an infant. I think the golden years are yet to come. So we are very excited about the future opportunities. MS. KIM: You have a 10% stake in MakeMyTrip MMYT 1.86% in India. India’s a very competitive market, but also very different from China. What are the biggest challenges there and why did you decide to invest? MS. SUN: India will overtake China as the most populous country in the world. Although the GDP per capita is quite low, it has potential to grow the affluent portion of its people. And these people will be able to travel. The India market is very similar to China in the sense that it’s very localized. Only local people know how to deal with the government, how to develop that market. We believe MakeMyTrip is a very good player in that market. Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal Read also "Can Ctrip persuade non-Chinese to use its site?"