Every six months, UBS conducts a survey asking Chinese about their travel plans in the next 12 months. In their latest survey of 3,572 residents, UBS found that Chinese don’t plan to travel as much. “The average number of trips (excluding to Hong Kong and Macau) planned for the next 12 months is 2.1 per survey respondent, down from 2.6 in our April survey,” according to analysts Eric Lin and Tiffany Chen. In addition, “Ctrip has lost mind share” in both hotel and air ticket bookings, because of strong brand-building and promotions among its competitors, particularly Tuniu. “The competition in domestic market is far from over. Despite limited market share currently, we believe Alitrip and Meituan still pose long-term threat to Ctrip.. thanks to support from Alibaba and Tencent.” Get the full story at Barron's Asia