Lower-tier cities will be the key driver of the growth of China’s travel industry for the coming decade. Ctrip is well positioned to benefit from both increasing online penetration as well as consumption of growth trends in lower-tier cities. The company has created omni-channels through its network of about 6,000 travel agencies across China. It has expanded its product offerings in these markets and has streamlined user experience by allowing multi-product reservation and order changing services. As a 24/7, one-stop-shop, customer-centric travel platform, Ctrip continues to invest more than 15 per cent of revenue in the ABC of technology – AI, big data and cloud computing. Customers who book any travel product with Ctrip are invited to join its free Virtual Tour Manager (VTM) service on the Ctrip app as well as the WeChat platform. Customers can join the group chat to exchange information with other Ctrip customers in the same destination and directly contact its tour managers and local tour guides for help. VTM has been serving millions of travellers per year. Ctrip’s global SOS service is also provided on the basis of VTM. Whenever and wherever anyone is in an emergency situation, Ctrip customers can call for help through VTM. Get the full story at TTG Asia Read also "Ctrip-backed Chinese booking sites plan merger" at Skift