When you consider the world’s three largest online travel agencies, Priceline focuses on hotels and is very global; Expedia is a full-service travel agency and is trying to get more international, and Ctrip has a wider array of services than all of them. Expedia is fond of referring to itself as the largest full-service online travel agency. That’s true since its revenue is much larger than Ctrip’s, but the Chinese online travel agency’s services are more wide-ranging. “If you look at Expedia, they have two products mainly,” Ctrip's CEO Jane Jie Sun says. “One is hotel, one is the air ticketing business, but for us, we want to make sure we start with China and Chinese customers because they have a language problem … If we know they’re going from Shanghai to Paris, we will push a Paris hotel. For example, Ritz-Carlton in Paris if they’re taking first-class or business-class tickets. We know they’re staying at Ritz-Carlton, then we calculate the distance between the hotel and airport, and we’ll push a rental car or chauffer service to them. Get the full story at Skift