During the Nov. 3 session titled “A view from Europe: New advances that will shape our future,” panelists discussed the similarities and differences between the European and U.S. markets, a dialogue that is often focused on Asia Pacific cultural norms. By having a handle on individuals’ behavior and the technology embraced in different regions, marketers may fare better when trying to make a connection or expand their reach. "I’m a big fan of finding similarities, and not getting bogged down too much by differences,"said Monika Schulze, global head of marketing at Zurich Insurance. "You have product strategy, brand strategy, business strategy and marketing strategy and if you’re pretty sure what your brand stands for, you also have to look for the differences. But, the starting point is always similarities. "Strategy is one thing, but execution, you have to be sensitive to a country’s needs. There are big differences, even in Europe," she said. "If you look at the European Union, we have officially registered 24 different languages. You have to respect the differences [and] the psychology of the people." Get the full story at Luxury Daily Read also "Tap into China gold mine by getting to know culture" at Luxury Daily