So we figured it'd be a good time to sit with with SnapShot COO and co-founder David Turnbull and chat about current trends in hotel tech and what these changes mean for hotels in the future. We sat down for a coffee recently for an informal reflection on what's happening so far. Take a look. Good morning, David. So, what's new in hotel tech? The topic of visualization is still very relevant, and what I also find quite interesting is the way it has become so Tableau-specific. Eighteen months ago, there were two or three companies, QlikView, Tableau, and Pyramid that a lot of people spoke about. On the other hand, something that is important to acknowledge is that without wider data aggregation, what they are doing is frankly of relatively low-value. So investing beyond off-the-shelf solutions into customizing data visualization tools, is definitely one of the most discussed topics at the moment. Get the full story at SnapShot