To Rob Brosnan, senior analyst at Forrester Research, these customer behaviors suggest something a little scary: No company ever interacts with the same customer twice. By that, he means even if your brand interacts with the same individual across website sessions, email interactions, or in-store purchase, something about that customer has changed. Whether it’s the products they are interested in, or the questions that drove them to a particular interaction, or the device they are using, the customer’s needs and wants are almost constantly in flux. If companies don’t understand how each of these factors impact the customer experience and adapt to these challenges or scenarios, says Brosnan, their marketing programs will likely be “out of date before they even get off the ground.” And that’s where big data comes in. In order to remain relevant, organizations need to bring all of their data together in order to make the information actionable in the moment, responding to customers across all touchpoints. And while organizations have a lot of data, possibly too much data, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to compile it all and understand it. Get the full story at Monetate