This initial release offers over four years of Cvent data and 62,000,000 data combinations. The launch focuses on key markets including DC, LA, and Chicago, but we are exploring opportunities to include more. Cvent used its data to announce the trends it is watching in the industry. For this quarter, the company dug deep into ADR and unearthed these interesting insights: - Group Rates in North America have appreciated by roughly 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). - Q3 is generally slow, and there is a consistent drop from Q2 to Q3 each year. This seasonal trend is largely due to Southeast and Southwest US Hotels. - Western US is the only subregion that peaks in Q3, riding strongly in California. - All Brand Scales have gained ADR since 2012, but Independents and Midscale Brands have appreciated more than others. - Incentive Travel ADR has appreciated the highest (13% CAGR). - ADR is largely seasonal and cyclic as expected. For example, New York generally peaks in Q4 and Miami in Q1. - Urban destinations quote 8% higher sleep room rates than suburban destinations on average. Related Link: Cvent Group Business Trends