Carlson Wagonlit Travel's Solutions Group on Wednesday said it made good on plans to create an "industry-first" algorithm that assesses traveler stress on a company-by-company basis. Resulting from its ongoing research into the topic, CWT found that travelers can experience stress for as much as "6.9 hours per trip" as measured in "lost time, or time unavailable to travelers to work or rest." That translates to a financial loss of as much as $662 per trip, according to CWT's calculations. "Best-in-class" clients, the TMC noted, can mitigate as much as "32 percent of the lost time." CWT claimed the methodology framing its research "sheds light into the hidden economics of business travel, and we believe it will contribute to expanding industry norms." The new study from CWT examined "15.3 million CWT air trips booked within a one-year period from October 2011 to October 2012," covering all of the TMC's points of sale. Each trip was broken down into "22 potentially stressful activities covering pre-trip, during trip (transportation and destination-related elements), and post-trip." Those 22 stressors were measured on "the duration and the perceived stress intensity for each activity." Get the full story at Business Travel News