This is according to the latest data released by martech company Ve Global ("Ve"), who analysed behavioural trends from hundreds of thousands of online travel sessions across Europe. Booking abandonment online, where users begin but fail to complete a purchase, stood at an enormous 92.8% in the second half of 2017, up from 85% in 2016. While the entire industry continues to invest heavily in digital, this data clearly shows that consumers in every subsector of travel are spending more time browsing their options before committing to a purchase. This represents a considerable worry for travel companies allocating vast sums of their marketing spend to the digital ad space in order to attract people to their websites, only to lose them in the booking process. DACH customers ranked the most difficult to win over with the highest average website abandonment rate (95.9%), just ahead of their Russian counterparts (95.4%). Irish companies performed best in turning browsers into bookers with a rate of just 89.3%, with UK travellers almost as keen to seal their bookings (90.6%). Get the full story at Ve