The transcript for Expedia’s most recent quarterly earnings call read like a terminal diagnosis, with its own offspring as poisoner. TripAdvisor, once a loyal subsidiary, was no longer deferentially sending Expedia it’s lion share of traffic. The media giant was commanding the audience and Expedia was not the highest bidder. The loss of traffic during TripAdvisor’s switch from pop up ads to hotel metasearch caused Expedia’s stock to plummet 27% in one-day; it’s now down about 20% on the year. The company is being attacked on all fronts, with its recently acquired metasearch engine Trivago the lone shining light. This pressure is not unpredictable. On one side we have the supplier sites, who have begun an aggressive campaign to build direct relationships with the consumer. The benefits to them are game-changing for both cost and revenue: A cheaper distribution channel and an increased opportunity to merchandise and upsell to consumers. Get the full story at Tnooz