Database marketing is about creating customers. Once you have a customer, you have a first sale and an opportunity to make the second, third, and more sales over time. If you settle for a single sale but lose the customer, you must start over and resell each and every time.

Creating customers will help you maximize sales by establishing and nurturing customer relationships. The tool used to do this is the database. It is the means by which you can build a long-term, interactive relationship between your product and your consumers. It will allow your business to become a more efficient and effective communicator with customers and prospects.

Database marketing is a combination of strategic marketing planning, creative communications, data, technology, and statistical analysis techniques. All are critical for the success of any program.

One of the key analytical techniques used in strategic planning is the MOST Analysis: This helps to clarify where the business intends to go (Mission), establishes the goals that will help to achieve this (Objectives), analyzes what options there are for proceeding forward (Strategies), and determines how these strategies are going to be put into action (Tactics).

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