At United this is put into practice internally by ensuring close collaboration between the commercial and customer experience teams; data is collected across all platforms - from social media to text messages – and used to deliver better services. Return on investment is, of course, important but the customer, said Grewal, must always be top of mind. Sounding a similar note was Dan Christian, Chief Digital Officer, The Travel Corporation, who said a core message of the morning session was to listen carefully to your customers and leverage what they tell you. The big opportunity in digital was do this at scale, and in doing so drive more interest and consumer demand in the experiences on offer. Having the right data and analytics technology is considered a top priority for 61% who voted in a live online poll. However, on this score travel brands have a long way to go! Moderator Susan Black, an expert in the business of online travel, had a paltry show of three or four hands when she asked how many brands present are actually using data to deliver a great experience. Get the full story at EyeForTravel