“Ticati is one of a number of new OTAs using innovative technology to connect hotels with travelers based on personal preferences that go way beyond price,” said Dhisco CEO Toni Portmann. “Ticati’s system also enhances and speeds up the booking process. We are proud to provide the partnership that connects them to more than 100,000 hotels around the world.” Ticati CEO Shuyu Kahn said the company chose Dhisco to power its site because it believes Dhisco’s market-leading technology will deliver the best return on investment. “Dhisco matches Ticati's demand for the latest in push technology, enabling us to quickly match socially conscious travelers with the best rates at the hotels that meet their environmental and health standards,” he said. “We are confident this collaboration will be the beginning of a mutually sustainable success story.” Ticati offers a broad selection of green-certified hotels around the world. The site serves the needs of travelers who are concerned not only about the environment, but also their own health, local communities, organic and vegan food choices and animal welfare. The OTA will also rank bed quality at hotels and offer information about other amenities and services. Related Link: Dhisco TICATI also offers a rewards program that guests can use as cash or allocate to environmental groups or green hotel actions.